High Energy Density Science User's Project, HEDSUP, is an organization, within the umbrella of HEDSA, whose purpose it is to facilitate the use of National Lab and University HED facilities to do innovative research in the "science for science's sake" end of the spectrum of activities at those facilities. To this end, we have a board made up of members from academic and private sector communities as well as nonvoting members from the national labs and DOE. The current members are (Chairman) Bedros Afeyan (Polymath Research), Roger Falcone (Cal, Berkeley) and Todd Ditmire (UT, Austin) working with Juan Fernandez (LANL), John Porter (SNL), Albert Osterheld (LLNL) and Allan Hauer (NNSA).

Our immediate goal is to promote the establishment of sufficient DOE funds to start one or two external scientist led experimental campaigns per intermediate scale laser facility at the three weapons labs. These facilities are Trident at LANL, Z-Beamlet at SNL and Jupiter at LLNL. We anticipate that funding will be available for this plan in the 2007 budget. It is also anticipated that calls for proposals will go out prior to the final agreement on the FY'07 federal budget so that the system will have selected the most outstanding experiments prior to the actual release of the funds. Stay tuned for further updates on this process on these pages.

Future projects include facilitating the creation and operation of a stand alone, larger scale, peer reviewed program of research by external science users at the national lab and university laser and Z pinch facilities for the advancement of HEDS. This will then include small scale and large scale HEDP facilities besides the intermediate scale ones in our focus at present. Users groups from all these facilities will find a central body viewing their problems and proposing solutions in HEDSUP. See our HEDSUP Vision Statement (pdf file link), as presented to the federal joint task force on HED science in 2006.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Bedros Afeyan at bedros@polymath-usa.com