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Charters and By-laws
High Energy Density Science Association



Provide an organization to enable University and Small Business scientists who are working on high energy density research to:
Advocate a broad-based High Energy Density Science research program based in universities and small businesses as well as in national laboratories and large companies; Advocate new initiatives to maintain the health of high energy density science and the related workforce in the United States, including the formation of a High Energy Density Science Users Program; and Facilitate increased collaboration and communication opportunities among its members. Provide, in addition, a Point of Contact (individual) through whom university and small business high energy density research scientists can communicate with government agencies responsible for sponsoring such research in order to facilitate the flow of information in both directions.

Governance and Committee Structure

The governance will be based upon a Steering Committee to be elected by the membership. The Chair of the Steering Committee and other officers will be elected by the members of the Steering Committee. Officers must be members of the Steering Committee at the time of their election. Procedures for governance (terms of office, number of members on the steering committee, etc.) are detailed in the By-Laws. Activities will be organized and carried out by committees, both Standing and Ad Hoc. Procedures for formation of committees are detailed in the By-Laws.

High Energy Density Science Users Program - HEDSUP

HEDSUP will advocate and facilitate the initiation and development of funded user programs on high energy density (HED) science facilities for HEDSA members and their collaborators. Initial efforts will be directed toward intermediate scale facilities of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) (e.g., Trident at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Jupiter at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Z-Beamlet at Sandia National Laboratories, and Nike at the Naval Research Laboratory). The ultimate goal is to involve all HED science facilities in this program including the National Ignition Facility, OMEGA EP and the upgraded Zmachine when they are completed, as well as such university facilities as COBRA at Cornell and the Petawatt at the University of Texas. By mutual agreement with National Laser User Facility management at the Laboratory of Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, OMEGA could also be included. HEDSUP will encourage the formation of collaborations among HEDSA members to obtain funding for use of HED science facilities, including seeking participation by women and minorities. There will be a standing committee within HEDSA for HEDSUP. The chair of this subcommittee will also serve as HEDSA Point of Contact with potential funding agencies. HEDSUP-sponsored research activities will be presented at HEDSA organized workshops that are expected to be held annually in the Spring.

Advocacy Activities

HEDSA will advocate a strengthening and expansion of high energy density research based in universities and small businesses. The association may sponsor or co-sponsor such activities as information sessions with Congressional staffers on plasma science, high energy density physics and fusion. There will be a standing committee within HEDSA for this purpose.

Sharing of information

Workshops will be organized, a website maintained and e-mail newsletters sent to members for the purpose of sharing information within HEDSA about the opportunities for collaborative research exploiting high energy density science facilities of the members as well as at the major laboratories. The web site and newsletters will also summarize the activities of the various committees of HEDSA for the benefit of the membership. There will be a standing committee within HEDSA that will organize workshops as well as one regular meeting a year at the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics. HEDSA is not intended to be a single voice for the diverse community of researchers in high energy density science, but rather to be an organization that enables all the members to advance their aims, express their concerns and communicate their needs to other members, to government agencies and to the legislative branch of government. The web site and e-mail to members of the steering committee will provide two mechanisms for individual members to communicate individual views to the membership as a whole and to the steering committee, respectively. The steering committee will be responsible for summarizing the views of the membership,including majority and minority opinion, to government agencies. There will be a standing committee within HEDSA for the purpose of maintaining the web site, preparing one or more newsletters per year for the membership, and other such activities.

Other standing committees as described in the Bylaws will be responsible for the normal activities of the association.


1. Association Name: High Energy Density Science Association, acronym HEDSA

2. Purposes: The purposes shall be as described in the Charter.

3. Membership

4. Steering Committee

5. Dues and voting rights

6. Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees

7. Accepting and Amending the Charter and Bylaws