The Future of Frontier

Plasma Science

Talk and Chat series 2021


Prof. Howard Milchberg, University of Maryland

February 8th, 2012


Webminar avaialable to watch: Development of metre-scale low density plasma waveguides

I will describe our recent experiments demonstrating high intensity optical guiding in meter-scale low density plasma waveguides. These waveguides may be crucial elements of future high repetition rate 10 GeV laser plasma accelerator stages.

  Troy Carter – Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA

Prof. Troy Carter (UCLA)
January 25th 2021
Webminar avaiable to watch at:Powering the Future: Fusion & Plasmas, the FESAC Long Range Planning Report

A long-range plan has been created to accelerate the development of fusion energy and advance plasma science.  This plan is based on substantial input from the research community, which conveyed a wealth of creative ideas and its passion to accelerate fusion energy development and advance plasma science  over an intensive two-year process. The FESAC Long Range Planning Report provides a decade-long vision for the field of fusion energy and plasma science, presenting a path to a promising future of new scientific discoveries, industrial applications, and ultimately the timely delivery of fusion energy.