Plasma Physics Resources.

Atomic Data and Spectroscopy.

National Labs:

Lawrence Livermore National Lab Physics:
National Ignition Facility:
Jupiter Laser Facility:
Institute for Laser Science Applications:
Los Alamos NL Plasma Physics:
Sandia National Lab Pulsed Power:
Brookhaven National Synchrotron light source:
Lawrence Berkeley Lab:
Linac Coherent Light Source:
Matter in Extreme Conditions:
Naval Research Lab:


Colorado University Boulder:
Cornell University:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Ohio State University:
University of California, Berkeley (LBL) LOASIS:
University of California, Los Angeles:
University of California, San Diego:
University of Maryland:
University of Michigan:,
University of Nevada, Reno:
University of Rochester LLE:
University of Texas Petawatt:


General Atomics:
Polymath Research:
Prism Computational Sciences, Inc.

Outside US:

Extreme Light Infrastructure Beamlines:
Rutherford Appleton Lab Central Laser Facility:
LULI (in French):
EU HiPER laser:
France PETAL laser:
France CEA: