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2019 Steering Committee

Bedros Afeyan bafeyan@gmail.com Past Chair Polymath Research Inc.
Farhat Beg fbeg@eng.ucsd.edu Chair University of California San Diego
Petros Tzeferacos petros.tzeferacos@flash.uchicago.edu Vice Chair University of Chicago
John Luginsland luginsland6@gmail.com Member Confluent Sciences LLC
Maria Gatu-Johnson gatu@psfc.mit.edu Member Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pierre-Alexandre Gourdain gourdain@pas.rochester.edu Member Prism Computational Sciences Inc.
Jorge Rocca jorge.rocca@colostate.edu Member Colorado State University
Igor Golovkin golovkin@prism-cs.com Secretary Prism Computational Sciences Inc.
Since 2005, over 450 individuals have joined HEDSA. Those who have paid dues since 2015 are listed below (updated annually).

Active Members

Chuang Ren chuang.ren@rochester.edu Active
Sven Steinke ssteinke@lbl.gov Active
Jorge J. Rocca rocca@engr.colostate.edu Active
Cameron Geddes CGRGeddes@lbl.gov Active
Wim Leemans wpleemans@lbl.gov Active
Stepan Bulanov sbulanov@lbl.gov Active
Linn Van Woerkom lvw@mps.ohio-state.edu Active
Paul Keiter pkeiter@umich.edu Active
Harry McLean mclean1@llnl.gov Active
Felicie Albert albert6@llnl.gov Active
Scott Wilks wilks1@llnl.gov Active
Alexey Arefiev alex78700@gmail.com Active
Serguei Kalmykov skalmykov2@unl.edu Active
Christopher McGuffey cmcguffey@ucsd.edu Active
Bedros Afeyan bafeyan@gmail.com Active
Mohamed Abdou abdou@fusion.ucla.edu Active
David Hammer dah5@cornell.edu Active
Peter Seidl PASEIDL@LBL.GOV Active
Franklin Dollar fjdollar@gmail.com Active
Thomas Schenkel t_schenkel@lbl.gov Active
Don Lamb lamb@oddjob.uchicago.edu Active
Mark Koepke Mark.Koepke@mail.wvu.edu Active
Mingsheng Wei mingsheng@lle.rochester.edu Active
Joseph MacFarlane jjm@prism-cs.com Active
Igor Golovkin golovkin@prism-cs.com Active
Bruno Bauer bruno.s.bauer@gmail.com Active
Chris Keane chris.keane@wsu.edu Active
Farhat Beg fbeg@ucsd.edu Active
Douglass Schumacher dwspublic@gmail.com Active
Edl Schamiloglu edls@unm.edu Active
Ryan McBride mcbrider@umich.edu Active
Richard Petrasso petrasso@psfc.mit.edu Active
Hiroshi Sawada hsawada@unr.edu Active
Mike Campbell mcamp@lle.rochester.edu Active
Archis Joglekar archisj@umich.edu Active Postdoc

Student Members

Donna Marion dcmarion@umich.edu Student
Eliseo Gamboa eliseo@umich.edu Student
Ian Ellis ellis@physics.ucla.edu Student
Joshua May joshmay@physics.ucla.edu Student
Jeffrey Fein jrfein@umich.edu Student
Jessica Shaw jshaw05@ucla.edu Student
Jun Li junli1985@gmail.com Student
Mike MacDonald macdonm@umich.edu Student
Jaebum Park park29@llnl.gov Student
Patrick Belancourt pxb@umich.edu Student
Sugreev Chawla srchawla@ucsd.edu Student
Adam Tableman tableman@physics.ucla.edu Student
Thomas Batson tgbatso@umich.edu Student
Wesley Wan wwan@umich.edu Student
Yadab Paudel Yadabkpaudel@yahoo.com Student
Uddhab Chaulagain uddhab.chaulagain@obspm.fr Student
Scott Feister sfeister@gmail.com Student
Joohwan Kim jhkim80@gmail.com Student
Alexander Rasmus arasmus@umich.edu Student
Dave Schlossberg schlossberg@wisc.edu Stduent
Chandra Curry ccurry@ualberta.ca Student
Amina Hussein amina.e.hussein@gmail.com Student
Julie Stern jvstern@gatech.edu Student
Shaun Kerr smkerr@ualberta.ca Student