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HEDSA General Meeting 2019

October 23rd
12:30pm - 2:00pm
Grand B, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

12:30 Farhat Beg, Chair HEDSA, Welcome and report
12:35 Pierre Gourdain and Maria Gatu-Johnson, Review of faculty hiring in HEDS
12:55 Ann Satsangi, National Nuclear Security Administration Academic programs at NNSA
13:15 Cameron Geddes, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Opportunities under LaserNetUS
13:35 Karl Krushelnick, University of Michigan ZEUS: an NSF-funded high power laser user facility at the University of Michigan
13:50 Elected Chair, HEDSA Concluding remarks

HEDSA Symposium 2019

October 20th
7:00pm - 10:15pm
Grand B, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

7:00 Dr. Charlie Verdon, Deputy Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration, TBD.
7:30 Dr. James Van Dam, Associate Director, Fusion Energy Sciences An overview of HEDP programs at FES.
8:00 Dr. Carolyn Kuranz, University of Michigan Update on the FES Community Planning Process
8:15 Dr. Sean Finnegan, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Where's the fusion? Overcoming unexpected challenges and the road to solutions for ignition and beyond.
8:45 Dr. Derek Marsical, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, A new phase space of short-pulse laser-particle acceleration: multi-ps and pulse shaping.
9:15 Dr. Maria Gatu-Johnsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Exploring Stellar Nucleosynthesis and Basic Nuclear Science using High Energy Density plasmas at OMEGA and the NIF.
9:45 Dr. Mathias Fuchs, University of Nebraska, Smile! You're on Phase Contrast Imaging Camera! Tunable Betatron Sources from High Energy Density Plasmas: the new, affordable High Brightness Era.

HEDSA General Meeting 2018

November 7th
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Oregon Convention Center

12:30 Dr. Farhat Beg, Chair HEDSA Welcome and report
12:40 Dr. Bedros Afeyan, Past HEDSA Chair Future plans
12:55 Dr. Sean Finnegan, National Nuclear Security Administration Academic programs at NNSA
13:15 Dr. Jason Marshall, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research HEDP programs at AFOSR
13.35 Dr. Slava Lukin, National Science Foundation HEDP programs at NSF
13:55 Dr. Farhat Beg, Chair HEDSA Concluding remarks

HEDSA Symposium 2018

November 4th
7:00pm - 10:10pm
Oregon Convention Center

7:00 Dr. Bedros Afeyan, Past Chair HEDSA Summary of Community Self Organized (CSO) Workshops
7:10 Dr. Njema Frazier, Director, Office of Experimental Sciences, NNSA Science, Strategy, and Security: An NNSA Perspective on HEDP
7:40 Dr. James Van Dam, Associate Director (acting), Fusion Energy Sciences An overview of HEDP programs at FES.
8:10 Dr. Cris Barnes, Los Alamos National Laboratory A Future for High-Energy-Density Plasma Science at Brilliant Light Sources
8:40 Dr. Petros Tzeferacos, University of Chicago Astrophysical processes in magnetized turbulence: how laser-driven experiments can shed light on the workings of the cosmos
9:10 Dr. Michael Glinsky, Sandia National Laboratories The Mallat Scattering Transform and characterizing Turbulent Mix in high energy density plasmas: A new look at nonlinear, multiscale physics of magnetized HED
9:40 Dr. Jorge Rocca, Colorado State University Relativistic nanophotonics: creating extreme plasma conditions from nanostructures with ultrafast lasers

2018 High Energy Density Summer School:
Foundations of High Energy Density Physics from June 11-22 at the University of Michigan.

High-energy-density physics is an actively growing field that exploits the ability of various modern devices to create pressures of millions of atmospheres in dynamic, high-temperature, and even relativistic systems. This field of physics is essential to inertial fusion research, to using such tools to address issues in astrophysics, and to other fundamental studies and applications.

In an effort to promote the spread of broad, fundamental knowledge in this new field, and to help train the new entrants to it, we're offering this summer school. Register Here!

HEDSA Symposium 2017

Sunday, October 22nd
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Wisconsin Center
Rm 203 C

7:00: Dr. James Van Dam, Acting Associate Director, OFES: HEDLP program at the OFES
7:10: Dr. Njema Frazier, ICF Program Director, NNSA: State of HEDP and a Vision for the Future
7:40: Dr. Didier Saumon, LANL: What's New and Exciting in the World of White Dwarfs?
8:10: Dr. Tammy Ma, LLNL: Recent Results and Future Prospects for HEDP on the NIF ARC Laser
8:40: Dr. Rick Sydora, U. Alberta: Magnetic Reconnection in 3D and kinetic plasma turbulence
9:10: Dr. Howard Milchberg, U. Maryland: the Future of Ultra-Intense lasers in the US - Highlights of the 2017 NAS Report
9:40: Dr. Ronnie Shepherd, LLNL: Ultra-Short Pulse Laser-Matter Interactions Around the World

Job Opening

The department of physics at University of Nevada Reno has an opening for an assistant professor in Astrophysics.

Read More

The Joint NNSA/SC Program in High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas has issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for research in High Energy Density Laboratory Plasma (HEDLP) Science, DE-FOA-0001801.

Letters of Intent are due by October 1, 2017 and full applications are due by November 15, 2017.

Funding Opportunities

2017 High Energy Density Physics Summer School at UC San Diego from July 31-August 11.

The High Energy-Density Science Association and the University of California San Diego Center for Energy Research are pleased to announce that the 2017 High Energy Density Science Summer School will be held July 30 - August 11, 2017 on the campus of the University of California San Diego in La Jolla, CA.

Graduate students, excellent undergraduates, and postdocs may apply for support through online registration by May 19

The program will also be open to research scientists for a registration fee of $650. Address inquiries to: Chris McGuffey, 2017 HEDSSS Chair, summerschool@hedsa.org Register Here!


Dear HEDSA members,
There is an FOA just out, with proposals due at the end of April for SSAP Centers, issued by NNSA. Links are given below. Consider making such a proposal from the HEDP perspective and let us know if you need any help.

Bedros Afeyan
Chair of the Steering Committee of HEDSA

We are excited to inform you that the National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation has just released the latest Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for Centers of Excellence within the Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Program. This FOA requests new and renewal proposals for Centers of Excellence in the research areas of Properties of Materials under Extreme Conditions and/or Hydrodynamics; Low Energy Nuclear Science; Radiochemistry; and High Energy Density Physics. All awards will be cooperative agreements, no applications for grants will be accepted. See the full announcement for a description of a Center of Excellence and requirements.

Funding Opportunity Number: DE-FOA-0001634

CFDA: 81.112

Application Due Date: April 30, 2017
Some applicants have had trouble finding the attachments to the FOA for the SSAA Centers of Excellence DE-NA0001634. A link has been added in Grants.gov to the FOA and related attachments located in FedConnect under Related Documents tab.

Terri Stone
National Nuclear Security Administration
Office of Research and Development
NA-113, Germantown Building

Grant Postings

20th Anniversary workshop for the NSF/DOE partnership in basic plasma science and engineering [January 9-11, 2017]

Dear HEDSA members,
It is imperative that we develop strong ties to NSF and the research it can fund hoping it grows and complements the efforts of DOE, NNSA and FES, as well as AFOSR, NASA, NIH, etc. A strong and healthy program in HEDP stewarded by all these organizations and well coordinated between them and our community will be a strong building block for our future. HEDSA is engaged in bringing about such a transformation which does not exist yet but which seems to be gaining favor throughout the complex.

Looking forward to enjoying this virtual NSF celebration event and scientific retrospective with all of you,
Dr. Bedros Afeyan
Chair of the HEDSA Steering Committee

HEDSA Symposium 2016

Sunday, October 30th
7:00pm - 10:00pm
San Jose Convention Center
Rm 212 AB

7:00: Dr. Bedros Afeyan, Chair of the Steering Committee of HEDSA: "Brief Summary of the Workshop on Applications of HEDP Outside of the Confines of Fusion
7:30: Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, NNSA, DOE: "The NNSA Perspective on the future of HEDP within the DOE Complex"
8:00: Dr. Tony Levi, USC: "Nondestructive 3D Imaging of Integrated Circuits using Novel X Ray Techniques"
8:30: Dr. Brad Shadwick, U. Nebraska, Lincoln: "Kinetic, Relativistic Modeling of WakeField Acceleration Using Modern Variational, Efficient Solvers and Beating Endemic Noise Barriers"r
9:00: Dr. Jorg Schreiber, LMU, Munich: "New Applications of HEDP in Medical Physics and the Value of an Extra Mile"
9:30: Dr. Markus Roth, U. Darmstadt: "The Interplay between HEDP and Nuclear Physics via Novel Diagnostics and Modern Spectroscopy"